In the Land of "châteaux de la Loire"

châteaux de la Loire

Château of Chambord - WELCOME to the Land of "châteaux de la Loire" !


This cultural website, designed by a Val de Loire Region-based Guide-Interpreter, aims at offering you the opportunity to discover this delightful area and assisting you in organizing your stay within our region.

Navigate through this guide and discover a cross-section of the most magnificent castles (Châteaux) together with the most attractive towns and cities at the heart of French History, numerous pictures along with comments, useful information on monuments not to be missed out for any reason !

This is also an online guide to help you get the most of your holiday across the Val de Loire. I am pleased to help you choose an itinerary suitable to your interests, tastes whether long or short stays over here.

Whether on your own, family trips or within a group (schools,associations...), guided tours will be arranged for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any enquiry.


Fabrice Maret : your private guide


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