Château de Chenonceau

Chenonceau castle


Famous Renaissance castle on the River Cher. Some people would like to compare Chenonceau with other Loire Valley castles. They cannot be compared. A visitor to Chenonceau with interests varying from botany, forestry, architecture or history will find them well covered in the acres of stunning gardens, peaceful cedar forests.


Several Ladies took part into Chenonceau building projects and its fame :


Catherine Briçonnet, Thomas Bohier's wife, himsel tax-collector on his Majesty's service François I, was involved in the project of the first castle - a first French Renaissance castle was built between 1513 and 1521

Diane de Poitiers, the beautiful mistress of Henri II ;

Catherine de Medici designed the delightful gallery overlooking the River Cher.

Many years later, Jean-Jacques Rousseau fell in love with Madame Dupin. Unfortunately, the beautiful Lady did not have to reply to the advances that the young poet and philosopher made to her.


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